4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Yes, old ideas are new to the youngins, retrofabulous to the hipsters and nostalgic to the Rascal riders. Problem here is its being applied to something that not a lot of people care about. Good tea, bad house. If you apply the swimsuit theory in the opposite direction, things get crazy. “Tits are boring, give us donald duck a zentai and a horse speculum?”

    I think most things do ^that and dont think it out to well, then when all is lost have to go back to old ideas. Moral of story, Old ideas good, but if you have to call them old ideas, then they dun fucked up somewhere.

  2. A interesting fact about the Harlequin codex is that it says on the cover “Codex Eldar: Harlequins”, so in a way it is a supplement to the Eldar codex or at least that’s what GW sees it as.

    Overall I am fairly excited about these, I am currently reading Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn series (55% of the way through Xenos) and it has made me want to do a proper Inquisition army, the current method of having a Inquisitor and Warband as allies to an imperial army isn’t good enough for me and with Death Watch rumoured to be on the way I am eager to see them done as a proper army.

  3. I know, I’m going to get the F’off you’re not invited to listen any more….
    I got excited about playing Warhammer Fantasy again. Back when 6th ed. was around, we used to play a lot. Then when 7th came out we slowly stopped playing.
    8th, well, I bought the book, that’s about as far as that went.

    So, I’m excited to get back into 6th edition Warhammer. I’ve been piecing together an elf army, with any luck, this won’t be in my closet of shame for at least another week. Best of all my Bretonians have a codex that matches the edition I’m going to play!

    Unrelated did you notice on the sprue of the Shadowseer and the Death Jester both have the copyright 2013 … This they have been sitting on these for a year and a half?

  4. I am actually exited about things like Harlequins, Genestealer cults or Mechanicus. Not necessarily because I’m going to buy whole armies as the backlog is still too intimidating. However, these armies seem to have the potential to enable smaller, more narratively oriented games set within niches of the 40k background, and I’m all for that. Maybe Squats, Demiurg, Mercenaries or Rak’Gol will be next, yielding something entirely new. Until then, there’s more variety to enjoy… I guess.

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