4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. You know that horrifying ninja turtles game at Gido’s? My bad. Then every summer the games youd come peddling like a depressionist bamboozler. Thankfully the MTG cards sold well. Pokemon cards… hah, I have the collectable foil cards in japanese… and the stickers. Most of my shame is with board games, because unlike models, I will never look at the box and say “well at least it looks cool on my self”. Theres also stuff I love, but feel like I SHOULD feel ashamed to own it. I dont feel that counts and shall remain between me and my closet, thank you. Its a necessary evil, Captain hindsight has no power here. Take you kids Lange, I saw skylander stuff. You know its evil, but Im assuming you know it must run its course. Also random fact, cause this made me watch exosquad. Lt. Marsh, voiced the beast in Disneys Beauty and the beast.

  2. Mage Knight (I thought Mage Knight Dungeon was better), so half a shame
    Mechwarrior – Clicks, because of the point imbalance between rare and common.
    D&D 4th … 5 books of it
    D&D 3.5 (except for the miniatures handbook)
    Pathfinder, Now that I have D&D 5th, this is going into the closet
    Magic the Gathering – I can’t believe Pokemon is so much of a better game than magic, and it is.
    Monopoly – What a suck game, the joy of a horrible long game, where you slowly spiral downwards until you’re broke. Too much like life.
    Star Trek Attack Wing – trying to replace silent death, maybe firestorm will be the next good space game for me. Or I just go back to Star Frontiers… not!

  3. Currently honoring the closet of shame would be a Heavy Gear Utopia force with an honorable mention of a Tau Forge world BFG fleet.

    Oh and all of all my Games Workshop stuff, because fuck GW. It can go eat a bag of dicks topped with hobo dick cheese.

    Wait, what was the question again?

  4. I don’t know why I had such a hard on for Copplestone’s early 20th-century Chinese military line. I jumped into that project with both feet, painting hundreds of infantry, HMG teams, mortars, field cannons, armored cars — the whole bit. I then moved on to scratch building some Chinese buildings and adding western archaeologists, a martial arts school and students, and lots of early trucks and cars with Chinese characters painted on the side.

    When I was finished painting and basing and dividing the models into factions I finally realized that absolutely no one is into this period. No one wants to play it, no one wants to hear about it, and no one wants to see all of my little toys lined up for the fight that will never happen. Currently, they are defending the very central shelf in the closet of shame.

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