2 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I voted yes, Dawn of war still counts as one of my all time favorite RTS games, and Mark of Chaos wasn’t bad as a warhammer total war style game. Also Space Marine is a fun 3rd person shooter and taught me that space marines regenerate health by punching grots.

    Total Biscuit (of You Tube fame) has also pointed out the bizarre GW trend of having nobody video game companys produce warhammer/warhammer 40k video games. I wonder if it has to do with GW demanding too higher price for the rights to the games and Triple A companies keep saying no because they cant see a profit while smaller companies say yes because they dont have big money making franchises and think this is their chance to have a big top selling game

  2. I’m not really a video gamer, and Mordheim, the one GW video game I was looking forward to, doesn’t look that fun. Still, I voted “yes” because it seems like Mordheim _could_ have been really cool. I was imagining something similar to Left 4 Dead, but with a range of warbands and character types and equipment. I was imagining real-time warbband vs warband with bots for the henchmen, but also single or group play against AI-controlled Skaven, Zombies, or cultists that would be more like L4D, but in the 16th-century fantasy world that is Warhammer’s coolest feature (IMO). That would have been a cool game, and it seems completely possible.

    As a side note, I think it would also appeal to a wider range of gamers who like fantasy settings instead of the current game, which seems to be aimed at the forty people who still play Mordheim.

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