4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Rather than making a whole new force org, I would like to see different armies have the ability to modify the existing one. This would allow armies to capitalize on their strengths even in small scale games. So maybe Grey Knights get an extra Elite slot for another autocannon dred. Imperial Guard ™ could take a fourth Heavy Support for extra shooty shooty death blam. ‘Nids get an extra everything because CRUDDACEEEEE!

    That would be more interesting to me than a new chart for everyone. However it might also require someone put thought into the game mechanics…

  2. For a while there rumours that 7th ed would be percentage based like in WHFB, and i was all for that because there were inbuilt limits for duplicate units and it meant more competition in the unit categories (should i take a second riptide or a unit of battlesuits, for example) and less spammed units, the system isnt perfect (most of the Dark Elf lists i see have 2 units of Warlocks, but at least its only 2) but it would be better than the current way 40k lists building is done. Maybe if GW is still around for 8th ed 40k we may get to see something like that

  3. Yes, vote. My biggest beef is with overcrowded sections of a codex and other sections where there is nothing you want. This is just as important for players that want to play things that look cool as others who want to synergize their list. For example, wtf was gw thinking with Baal Predators? How can a guy use the flamestorm/heavy flamer loadout without the scout rule somewhat effectively? As always, love the show and stay jaded.

  4. Yes, the should have different force org charts available. Data Sheets could have/should have been that. You want a chaos guards army … here is the list with adjusted points and adjusted units types you can take (4 troops, 1-2 elite,…).

    I could see having specialty force org that you could take after you take your “core” force org chart… I could think if several that would be a good idea : Heavy, Assault, Recon, Strike, Support, and Aerial. Maybe we can call it a helix instead of a force org chart.

    Wait for Spartan Games to produce 28mm and just do that.

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