2 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Yes, if you go on full defense. Your opponent must not be able to really hurt you, stack all the bonuses so that he has only a tiny change left to hurt you or chose units that are only vulnerable to a few weapons and spam them. 40k is a great example, Necron AV13-Wall ignore small arms fire, deathstars with invisibility and good saves are a good example. The old 2++ rerollable deathstars were good examples. X-Wing has some builds with regenerating shields or deff buffed Tie-Interceptors that work well.

    IMHO it is also easy to play defensive. Just sit in your castle or behind your gunline and let the enemy charge you. I think anybody play it with success. Just don’t give in to the temptation to go on a charge…

    That said, that is not my playstyle. Its boring and tedious. Offensive games are more fun and engaging.

  2. The moment you set up and start the game going for a purely defensive style of play, then you’re playing for the draw imho. A 1/2 decent player can see a castle and exploit it if its possible or will mitigate their own casualties to stalemate the game into 1.5-2 hours of lackluster entertainment.

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