4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Big head cheat was only amusing for about 8 seconds in Turok, 8 years on a shelf is a bit much. Also the outlaw miniature from ep 209, Cad Bane.

  2. What ruins a model is such a hard thing to pin down. For example centurions are bad on several levels. Concept we put a dude in a suit inside a suit so he can suit up after suiting up. It felt stupid when it was the baby bjorn, but at least GK had a legit reason for needing something like it….. Maybe. SM have several iterations of heavy armour from terminators to dreadnoughts. Then it fails even harder by being clunky and misproportioned. That’s just one model failing on like three levels.

    Compared to oblits/mutilators concept is solid on all levels, for oblits anyway. But that execution is just shit. You can see what they were going for but they needed someone with more skill to do it well.

    Then still we have models like most of the new BA stuff in principle excellent models, but again slathered in the fetish details that ruin it. I don’t need 65 blood drops per model to get that it’s a blood angels model.

    It’s ironic that the last few 40k releases have done nothing for me but all the End Times fantasy stuff has been stellar. I would have preferred a plastic GUO but I’ll be damned if Glottkin isn’t spectacular. I guess fantasy has soaked all the creativity and vigor out of 40k.

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