Episode 206: Vanillification

This week Lange and Nathan are joined by Matty to talk about the new Blood Angels codex for WarHammer 40k. Does this new book offer anything more than a supplement would? Do the old rules that set Blood Angels apart still even exist? Just how important are Combat Utility Nipples? Listen and Enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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6 thoughts on “Episode 206: Vanillification

  1. One small point. The relic plasma pistol does have gets hot. Easy to miss as you just assume its part of a plasma rule but there is no such rule so for 25 pts you get master crafted and not blowing your own hand off.

  2. As always I enjoyed the podcast but please if you’re going to talk about a new book at least have a proper read through it. As a BA player for many years I’m far from infused about the new book but you had so many basic understanding and reading errors. Ranting about lack of fast vindicators for instance (hint: its the first option under their entry)
    Perhaps doing an episode based on a game you admittedly no longer play isn’t a good idea as you don’t seem to really understand how the game plays and the rules work in the latest edition and just seem to assume stuff that blatently isn’t true. The content is so much more interesting and informative when you talk about games you enjoy more and actually play.

  3. I don’t neccesarily agree with much in the sangweener model review in the first bit, but I gotta say this segment makes me laugh WAY TOO HARD.

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