4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Personally, infantry are what draw me to a specific army. If the infantry is cool, I’m likely to buy the models for them. To that end I voted Aquan. The current model range is very limited, but I quite like the pictures of the Aquan infantry so far. They also kind of look like Covenant Elites from Halo, which makes me nostalgic.

  2. I play directorate in FsA so that is what I voted for, but I absolutely love the crawler models and the directorate gunship model looks so good. I cannot wait to see what new stuff is in store for January.

  3. Dindrenzi for sure, I play them in firestorm and to me their models look the most interesting in Planetfall. I could also get behind the directorate as their names for everything are awesome, I reckon they would have to have a TPS Report chaingun in their arsenal somewhere 😛

  4. Dindrenzi, mainly because i play them in firestorm and cant wait for system wars where games of firestorm and planetfall can be linked but also because a rain of drop pods is a damm cool mental image

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