Jaded Gamercast Kickstarter!!


Two Jaded Gamers who host one of the longest running miniature gaming podcasts in the world. Help us bring the party to AdeptiCon!

Boasting a backlog of 200+ episodes along with reams of bonus content, Jaded Gamer Cast is one of the most prolific miniature gaming podcasts in the world. Our first episode launched on November 2, 2010 and since then we have been releasing new episodes every week.

Lange and Nathan, the hosts of Jaded Gamer Cast, provide commentary on some of the biggest miniature games in the world, from the biggest miniature game publishers with an irreverent style. Someone has to take the piss out of them and it might as well be us.

What is AdeptiCon?

What is AdeptiCon? I’m glad you asked, disembodied text. AdeptiCon is one of the largest miniature gaming conventions in the world. They have more games available and more participants for all of these games than most other competitors. Basically, AdeptiCon is THE premiere miniature gaming event.

Because its size, AdeptiCon attracts tons of different podcasts, vloggers, and Black Library authors (some of whom we’ve closed out bars with).

Okay, but why?

The philosophy of Jaded Gamer Cast has always been to provide all of our content free. Free to our listeners and free from advertisements. We simply don’t want to profit on this podcast in any way (we’re like the Mother Teresa of war gaming podcasters). This philosophy hasn’t changed and we continue to be dedicated to generating new weekly content that is free for our listeners.

This philosophy has proven problematic with all discussions of Jaded Gamer Cast merchandise.

Suddenly, a wild solution appeared.


We are going to sell branded merchandise to help us both get to AdeptiCon. That’s the short answer.

What’s the Long Answer?

I am really starting to get tired of your shit, disembodied voice.

The long answer is that AdeptiCon provides an opportunity for us to create a MOUNTAIN of additional, bonus content. We are hoping to collaborate with every. Single. Podcast. All of them who are present, and can stand our particular flavor of bitter. We want to do interviews with Black Library authors. We want to party with our fans and maybe, if we’re sober enough (HA!) even play some games at this giant gaming convention.

Buying some Jaded Gamer Cast merch is a long-term investment in more Jaded Gamer Cast content. You get to look awesome. We get to make more podcasts that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to make. Everyone wins.

When will this Content be Available?

Content will be out after AdeptiCon (March 19 – 22, 2015). Duh. Rewards will start rolling out ASAP – we’ll be putting our T Shirt orders in soon after the end of the Kickstarter and amassing the supplies to get the other merch done up. The goal will be to have all rewards to backers (or ready to ship) by the time we go to AdeptiCon.

The Merch!!

A note about shipping: If you want more than one reward level (you awesome Jaded Gamer) send us an email and we will tell you which level and how much to pledge at.


Stretch Goal: $2000 – The Shot 2nd Edition (backers get to vote) At Adepticon

Do you remember the time that the Jaded Gamers and That Teri Girl looked for the most revolting shot they could find, made it, drank it and posted it on the internet for everyone to enjoy? As a thank you we’ll do it again, with a twist. YOU pick the shot. We make it. We drink it. We film it. Ugh.

And this time we will even record the audio!!!

Stretch Goal: $2200 – Objective Marker Shot glasses – Available Add-On

Make your objective based games ones to never remember. Everyone has fun if you don’t remember how it ends.

Stretch Goal: $3000 – Live Hangout for Backers w/Nathan & Lange

Now that Lange and Nathan can make it to AdeptiCon, we’re hosting a celebration on G+! All backers invited, we’ll take questions and be generally entertaining. At least as entertaining as you’ve come to expect us to be.

Stretch Goal: $5000 – Hot Pepper Battle Report from Nathan & Lange

Because you love watching us suffer, we present a hot pepper battle report. Before talking about what happened that turn, we’ll eat the hottest peppers we can find. For you.

Stretch Goal: $7500 – Jaded Gamercast Rap-Sody (Rap Single)

DJ Turbo Pascal and N-Jigger drop the realest rap single of our time.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Since this Kickstarter has two aspects to it, merch and AdeptiCon, I’ll handle these separately.

On the merch side of things, there are relatively few risks. All of the glassware is being purchased from local suppliers and being hand etched by our Asian sweatshop; Teri.

All tshirts are being locally sourced and printed. Basically, the only way the merch won’t be produced is if a Kaiju attack levels our city, killing us and destroying our suppliers. Since the government has never publically acknowledged the existence of Kaiju, the official risk matrix is low, even if WE KNOW BETTER.

For AdeptiCon and the content we will create there, the same Kaiju threat exists but there is an additional layer of risk. With Lange and I both flying to AdeptiCon, there is a very real chance that the plane will crash, forcing us into an ʺAliveʺ type situation of cannibalism. Lange is hoping Nathan dies first because, let’s be honest for a moment, Nathan would make FAR better eating than Lange.

The only serious risk is that a catastrophic hard drive failure wipes the content before we have a chance to back it up, but with the power of Google and Dropbox, we’ll be backing up all raw content as we create it.

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