6 thoughts on “Weekly listener Poll

  1. That would mean having to go back on their “brink of extinction” statement. The closest I suspect we’d get is another attempt at the 13th Black Crusade, though I doubt it. They seem to have written themselves into a narrative corner with 40k, willingly or not.

  2. I think they are too invested in doing the heresy, to start advance the story when they haven’t finished telling the full back story

  3. Agreed with the first two commenters and that GW said they aren’t moving the fluff forward. That is perhaps a large mistake in that by the time they finish 30k, 40k will have suffered a major decline.

  4. I voted no. I wouldnt be surprised if they kept up with their mini box releases, like stormclaw. Just smash 2 armies together and make a minicampaign about it. I have no idea how well they are selling, but seems like it might work. Though having a prefall eldar army would be kind of interesting too…

  5. It seems to me they need to do something drastic to regain ground taken from their army of smaller competitors. I vote yes. But it’s probably more hoping than anything.

  6. I voted no with two qualifiers.

    One, at least not any time soon. They have campaign boxes coming out and are I think doubling down on end times hard.

    Two, I think that you have it backwards. End times isn’t this brand new idea. It’s fantasy’s response to the success of the heresy. I don’t know that much about fantasy but it’s there a major conflict that spans 20 something factions over a century of warfare like the heresy? Nagatch is just the horus of fantasy in this case. He’s the spark of the story.

    I don’t see the 40k end times being that interesting anyway. Realistically 40k is supposed to BE the end of the universe and reality as a whole that’s the point!

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