7 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I don’t have a spare vampire counts army lying around sadly. But even if I did the lore would only ever be used while playing “end times” games. And…. While it can be pretty nasty in those games, I think the usual big doom spells will do more to help you win the game than a brick of undead will.

  2. If I got back into Fantasy I’d like to give it a go. I think it could be used for some interesting themed armies – like Bretonnians from Mousillon, or a Lizardmen army led by a corrupted Lord Kroak.

    • I think that Shadow and Vampires are a lot more helpful to us than Undeath ever will be. Tomb Guard with corpse cart ASF? Snake knights that reroll to hit AND wound? Heck, COLOSSI with rerolls to hit and wound! Can you imagine?

      Not to mention the absurd amount of magic dominance you can now generate. Mortis Engine + Corpse Cart + Hierotitan + Casket + Periapt + Might Scroll…it’s just insane.

  3. Originally in the “no” camp, after listening to the podcast you have me convinced this could be done really well. I just need to pull together a bunch models to call/summon as the lesser beasts of the forest. I’m thinking dogs, goats, crows etc a rabble of crazed feral animals.

  4. I own both a VC and a TK army (which I’ve been painting and basing in the same scheme). So even though I have the ideal model collection to do it I still probably won’t be.

    It’s just kind of…gimmicky? I’d rather jump on the opportunity to run 4 levels of Shadow on my Vampire Lord, or save 200 points on the Nehek tax in a TK light council list. I want a double MN+ME list with a casket and catapults.

    I’ll run it in casual games here and there, but for competitive games I don’t think it really offers me the tools I’m looking for. You can raise up some chaff, and the occasional min-sized Vargheist unit, but nothing game-winning (unless you’re running Arkhan or Nagash, which I don’t see being allowed at most serious tournaments).

    I’m still VERY excited for the possibilities of the Undead Legion list, and I hope that more TOs allow it even if they want to stick with the standard 25-25 lord/hero allowances.

  5. Can’t say I’ll ever be using the Lore of Undeath; my wife already gripes about the size of my model collection and I don’t need to compound that issue by adding 100 skeletons.

    In all seriousness, as a Warriors of Chaos player with a 40k Demons army, I’m just waiting for the next book to play with, and in the mean time I’m going to be re-basing my demons on to square bases. Super stoked for unified Chaos!

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