2 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. To be fair, static fiction is easier for new players to get immersed into as there’s only one ”historical” period. That’s got to make it less confusing and easier to follow.

    Plus, if you fuck up (e.g. Battletech post-Clan Invasion) you can just write in something to return to the status quo.

    Eventually though you neef to move the timeline forward as you need both /depth/ and /breadth/ to keep the story interesting.

  2. Evolving fluff wins when it concatenates or expands on existing lore, but retcons are hit and miss.
    Ex. Introducing Thunderwolves to Fenris was a miss, while the additions of craftworld Mymeara and redoing Necron fluff were awesome ideas.

    I expect positive changes to the fluff because Matt Ward is no longer writing any.

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