6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I’m in two minds about this update. The old format’s summarised unit options made it super easy to build an army while also providing a space for some info and background on each unit/character/vehicle for those who are interested in such things.

    Meanwhile, the new format minimises on the duplication of information, preventing copy-paste errors in either section causing confusion during play. It also makes it easier to preview new content in White Dwarf, as they should be able to copy the appropriate page(s) from one document to the other. Also, this is the format that PP has used for Warmachine and Hordes since the beginning, and it seems to be working out alright for them (though they have unit cards that make list building easier).

    All that aside, it sounds like they still need someone to check the order of rules for ease of use and understanding, so I’ll have go with No.

    Oh, and because Chris Carlson forgot to say it: White Scars…?

  2. Ok, so I have given up trying to stay up to date with listening to the casts. (I will get there eventually, but as I only listen to podcasts when painting it takes time – a telling comment that demonstrates I apparently do less than 2 hours in hobby a week these days).
    So without further ado, I will now provide weekly comments without having listened to the podcast.
    -Tirade warning-
    My answer was Fuck no. GW’s codex layouts are incredibly retarded, and what makes it worse I am sure that they do many things deliberately, so one pdf scan cant get all of the unit info on one page. (You clearly have to copy the entire army section to get all of the info you need). I despise the way that you never get a list view of units and points costs on one summary page, the way that you have to keep flipping between unit fluff descriptions (with the associated special rule nested somewhere at the end or in a box in the middle of the page), the way there is no consistency between codices – some ‘dex’s list page references and some don’t, (Quality Assurance? Wtf is that?), etc …..*

    I could go on, but what’s the point really.

    Truthfully with the new 6.1 force org charts I expect the new codices to come out by force org troop type and not race any longer. Need a Psyker (who doesn’t?) well get them all here in one codex. Need a troop? get them all over here in another codex. etc.

    That’s enough for now, rant over.
    Cheers, keep up the great ‘cast,
    Andy aka Grumpy Old Git.

  3. NOPE, and with BAs being in the pipeline as a soon to be redo, Im even less excited for what I have to look forward to in a all around hobby sense, Im with Nathan on this one, Most of my 40k maybe available on E bay if this BA dex turns out to be an un usable hot mess garbage fire…..

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