Episode 178: Take that Dick

This week Lange and Nathan continue their review of the new 7th Edition of WarHammer 40K with an in depth look at the psychic phase and the new powers that can be taken. Which lore… er, Discipline will win out? Is there any reason to take non-daemonic powers? Just how insane can it get for some armies? IS IT FAIR?! Also, a new stupidity check that hits close to home for Nathan. Listen and enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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6 thoughts on “Episode 178: Take that Dick

  1. Quick thing to point out guys: Telekine Dome provides an Invul save and saves are worked out on a model by model basis so it is indeed pretty limiting, Shrouding is different. Although the power is worded such that it gives the MODEL the Shrouded rule, the wording of the Shrouded rule states “A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule…” Just in case we needed another reason to take Telepathy over Telekinesis.

  2. Obviously lots of content discussing the new magic phase…. your consensus seems to be that magic is unfair since the idle player has little to no chance to counter the casting of spells….

    well how is that different really from 5th or 6th edition (I didn’t play prior)? in 5th & 6th if you didn’t target me with a spell I had a zero percent chance to stop your spell – unless I played space wolves. If you targeted me I had a 16.7% chance to dispel… AND you had a 91.7% chance to cast said spells AND could cast each spell you knew (limited by shooting attacks only…) Now you have a significantly reduced chance to cast your spells AND unless you’re building a douchey, abusive army*, are going to be attempting to cast fewer spells total each turn on average….

    To me, as a player of non-psyker chaos marines & dark eldar I have to say I’m really not bothered by the changes, hell my Dark Eldar have a significantly greater chance of stopping powers now than two weeks ago.

    * someone trying to build a tzeench “summon spam” list probably wont be doing too well in the rest of the game, if you’re summoning 10-30 T3, 5+ models per turn & I can’t kill them, well I probably deserve to lose the game anyways. Also, due to the small range on summon spells this style of play will result in castling – movement happens prior to summoning after all – and will almost certainly not be rewarded when using maelstrom missions which require mobility

    • While yes, you have a significantly higher chance of stopping powers now compared to before, the issue is that powers are now significantly more powerful and abundant. Even if we take daemonic powers out of the mix you would still be stuck dealing with the major issues that disciplines like Biomancy can cause now for the same cost as before. Also, while your chance to dispel is much higher now greater than zero, its nothing compared to the overwhelming effect that is being dealt in a single turn.

      • I get your point …sort of. Armies in general aren’t bringing a larger quantity of powers per game (unless built to spam power dice) and powers aren’t cast with almost impunity anymore so there are some limits.

        Previously if you took a ML3 librarian you got 3 spells. And unless you rolled two wichfires you could pretty much be guaranteed to cast all three powers each turn if you wanted with Ld10. If you took a seer council with 8 warlocks & 2 farseers you could still reliably cast 14 powers per turn with the same restrictions as previously stated. Now that is far less likely, unless they’re all going for ML1 powers & single dicing it.

        Is this really more viable than attempting to spam lvl1 necromancers in a WHFB vampire counts army for single dice invocation casts? Is that game breaking in fantasy? I don’t believe so… if it is I should break out my vampires for another try…

        I think the bigger issue is the re-balancing of powers. Some got noticeably better, some did not. This is imbalance is found pretty much everywhere when units are described by fixed statistics & “competitive” applications are sought – WHFB spells, spells in DnD, any and every unit and ability ever in any tabletop or video game… when there is almost literally an infinite number of possible permutations of selections & actions balance is pretty much impossible without concerted effort of those directly involved.

        So yes, I get your point in that the potential is there, but its there with pretty much every aspect of this game & pretty much any other game like it. I choose to hold onto optimism because things down at the FLGS rarely ever get as bad as they seem to be on the internet. And ultimately Nathan has it right, if you encounter a player who needs to be a douche whose exploiting a gimmick for his pleasure at the expense of yours – call him out on it & simply refuse to play him. Why simultaneously reward his behaviour and punish yourself?

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