12 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Considering that I was tempted to go ‘unbound’ with an all-Grot Ork army or rebuild my Space Wolves, oh hell no. Also, the mandatory catalogue is a fucking joke.

  2. Tough question.

    6th Ed really killed my enthusiasm for that game, and made me look around at other options. Maybe if 7th had come straight after 5th I’d still be playing, but I’m into other games that I’m really enjoying now and 7th hasn’t really inspired me to switch.

    I think if a friend invited me over for an evening of 40k and beers I’d gladly accept. But those models aren’t seeing any more paint (nor would I buy anything new), and it’s not going to be making any showings at my weekly gaming club or any upcoming tournaments or events. I’ll brush the dust off my 40K case for an evening here or there, but that’s really about it…

  3. 6th edition was like almost great sex. You’re both about to come and then you slip a finger into her anus, shit gets weird and only one personbends up satisfied :p.

    6th ed just needed a few tweaks. I personally welcome scoring status returning to all units. I think this will make previously mediocre units like chaos cult troops appear on the table again.

  4. After listening to the show, I’d have to say that my interest is piqued. I’ll probably pick up the rules if they release a cheaper version. I’m interested in trying it again as a fun game in my basement, although I doubt if I’ll ever play in a 40k tournament again.
    Also, the idea of unbound allowing me to take the Lost and the Damned army I’ve always wanted (using Chaos marines, traitor guard, AND daemons) gives me a nerd hard-on like you wouldn’t believe.

  5. Not only has this ‘new’ rule book not inspired me to play 40k again, its given me the excuse I’ve been waiting for to sell off my Tyranids and say goodbye to 40k. I’ve never been a big fan of 6th edition, despite its many improvements to the rules. 7th edition is basically the same “Now with more glitter!” and I’ll be damned if I’m going to shell out another $85 for 95% of the same content. Its nice to see the allies tables open up; too bad I’d be spending the money I would have bought allied troops with on this book.

    Also, on a less general note, it looks like GW wasn’t done screwing over the Tyranids. With the new rules for psychic powers, the Tyranids’ psychic defense, Shadow in the Warp, now has literally zero impact on enemy psychic powers. You can’t tell me that with the proximity of these two releases, that SitW and the 7th ed. rules was an accident.

    I suppose the one benefit of the 7th ed. rules is that after selling off my Tyranids, I’ll have the money to pick up Firestorm Armada.

  6. I personally hated 6th edition and most of its releases, 7th or 6.1 is not looking much better. I own 30k points worth of CSM and a moderate sized Daemon army and a large army formally known as Black Templars. I found the releases offered little variety to owners of CSM and CD and little incentive to buy new units or combinations.

    I was not happy with losing the Black Templar codex as it is GW montra “Awesome idea, poorly executed!”. So I put on my big boy pants and knowing I was going to lose out big time going into that book and started playing games after the release. I gave it a good solid 12 games with my army. I play Black Templar as an assault army as it should be played and hate them in the vanilla book. I proxied models being smart with my money to avoid unneeded purchases and painting projects until I worked out what was fun to play with. I found they were not given enough tools to excel in close combat but given an extreme amount of tools to have them act just like basic codex marines that favor ranged combat.

    6th was heavily in favor of ranged combat and gave melee style armies to many penalties. Personally I like overwatch and random charge distance but I also play WFB. The change to melee weapons, deathstar craziness and assault restrictions (transports/reserves) compounded with the extreme volume of fire increase hurt the game. Oh.. and allies YAY 😦

    I have spent the least money in 6th edition compared to the others even with three of my armies getting redone. But what do you do when you own thousands of dollars of 40k and have spent more hours than I can count painting it.

    Also I have been listening to the show for a few months now and love it. I was hoping that you all could cover a topic about how someone could startup a non main stream game system at your local store. The three I was thinking about trying to get my store into was X-Wing, Startrek Attack Wing and Firestorm. I have played Firestorm and maybe you all could cover some pros and cons about the games and why you all don’t play X-wing. I think it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on those games and any suggestions would help.

    Anyways keep up the good work.

  7. I’ve been paying a lot of 6E but this new edition is leaving me child. Everything miss good except for the psychic phase.

    First I play Tau and while I’ve never had access to psykers it was more like not having access to certain weapons. Now I don’t have access to an entire phase of the game. GW is essentially telling me to open my wallet or else enjoy using my D6 dice to try and roll 6’s.

  8. I am reinvigorated to play again. I think the new edition has fixed some of the key issues with 6th edition. Maybe not all but enough to make me happy. Let me add that I am not a tournament gamer, so my gaming group doesn’t play a lot of the broken lists that everyone whines about.

  9. IANATP, but the new edition still leaves me a little bittersweet. I think that there was enough material to necessitate a new rulebook, and I have no issues with shelling out $100 for the new kit; however, it still leaves me uninterested in playing pickup games with people down at the LGS/LGW (especially since there are mandatory army restrictions at the LGW to “help” adjust people to the new edition). I’ll play it with my mates, but that’s about it.

    On the other hand, it makes me super excited to work on my 30K Imperial Fists, as I think this is a phenomenal rulebook for 30K. Now, only if I had the money to buy the rest of the stuff I want from Forge World…

  10. I voted no as part of having fun, for me, is playing a balanced game. If the core rules aren’t balanced and favor one side over the other (eg the pyskic phase favors the casting side over the dispeling side as shown by the awful dispel mechanic) the that is not a fun game for me because there wasn’t a equal chance of victory for both sides. If anything Wh40k 7th edition ill get me to play more fantasy, if thats even possible.

  11. reposted from the Facebook site:
    Last weekend we had one of our three annual gaming Cons here in LA (this one called Gamex). The 40K tables offered a ton of unpainted, half painted, and roughly painted models and aggressive debates about what was a good build and what was not, what was good prize support and what was not, and which armies were worth while or not. The other tables (I would say “historical,” but some were just grass-roots and indy sf/f games) had enthusiasm for cool rules, nicely painted models, and some very fun competitive play. I think it will take more than a revision of 6.0 to change things.

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