6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. No such number exists! ALL DREDNOUGHTS ARE AN ABOMINATION OF THE SOUL!!!! That said, they are a tactically useful abomination. But better to die in the saddle rather than be tapped in a metal coffin!

  2. I’ve always loved mechs – I played the mechwarrior video games long before I’d ever heard of 40k. They’re iconic to 40k, yet that manage to capture that universal urge to strap yourself in (on?) to a giant robot and lay waste to cities.

    Outside of certain builds, 2x AC or MM/HF + pod, their actual use is limited, but they’re so cool.

  3. I rarely find it fun to field spammy army lists, so 3 of anything (not just dreads) is too many. While it is occasionally fun to muse on fielding something so ridiculous and spammy, I’d never actually play one. It would make the game far more bland for me, and more often than not, far more obnoxious for my opponent.

    Beyond that, painting up the same unit over and over again becomes very tedious, so I like to avoid that wherever possible.

  4. I’m not a big fan of mechs but even I have to concede that dreadnaughts can look cool. More than two though just looks a bit ‘mech war’. I would rather take more infantry units.

    On a separate (but related point) is a pure infantry army a vible option for Space Marines in 6th edition?



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