2 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. There should be a white scar slot instead of a Lord of war slot. It acts the same. But it’s a much better name. Also I’m in favor of a cap on allied detachment points. 25-40 percent of total points? We 40k players are smart enough to do points percentages gw it’s time to bring actual math and balance into this game.

  2. It feels like GW have an urge to constantly tinker with their rules. First, we had the force org chart, then they bought in allies, then Lords of War, now it’s data slates and ‘special’ codecies (Inquisitors, Knights, etc).

    Sure, every game does this, but GW feels like the only one that has no underlying strategy behind it – other than ‘sell more miniatures’. A little more focus in the choice of releases might help lessen this. Maybe work on giving each faction something special instead of a half dozen releases for the Imperium and only a few for the rest of the races.

    Sorry, I keep forgetting that GW is a miniatures-first company. Shame they don’t price their rulebooks and supplements with that in mind. Ain’t no way I’m paying $90 for an Imperial Knight “Codex” in New Zealand. For that money, I could buy a Kings of War army.

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