7 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Post

  1. My two cents worth went to “Other” because I think a game like this based on the Dune universe could be incredibly rich & interesting.

    Would’ve voted for Babylon 5, but I don’t know how a table top system would be able to recreate the feeling that the show had for ships fighting in actual three dimensional space. It would just end up feeling like more of the same. Suppose you could always set up some crazy 3D chess-like system, but that would probably be too much in the end.

    • How about adding a simple Height indicator to the ship’s stand? Ships could ascend/descend a certain amount depending on their chosen maneuver, and ships would only collide if at the same elevation.

  2. Galactica. you’ve got 2 distinct factions, well established lore and “science”, characters, captains, and pilots. And ships ranging from fighters to juggernauts. It also lends itself to scenario and story play VERY nicely.

    However, it would probably end up fairly limited after the first dozen or so games. I can’t imagine a game like that being a long term investment. Oh look, we’re playing cylons vs humans. I wonder if the cylons are trying to board the battlestar again??

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