3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Played a game with my Dwarfs yesterday, took an all combat and no artillery list. Taking 2 Runesmiths with 2 Runes of spell breaking each. got lucky and both got the 4+ robbing my opponent of his too most valuable spells that were making his high elf shooting army work. Very worth it. Especially since all 3 of my main combat blocks had the strollaz rune allowing me to be in his face very early.

  2. 3 dispel scrolls is just too much. I was thinking of taking 2, but I’m even rethinking that. The tax of having to take multiple rune priests is just too much, and although armor pierce is nice, it isn’t exactly game changing. Those 3 rune priests with a scroll each could be 3 gyrocopters, and I will get work out of them every game.

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