5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Actually that’s covered in other. Set the price at 30 and watch them rake in the dough! If you produce a good model set and don’t over charge more people will buy it! This is high school ecoNomIcs! Supply and demand! The price is quickly out pacing the demand

    • except it’s not. more people buying a product isn’t always a good thing, and this is the model that GW usually operates on. if you make a thing, and 100 people buy it at $10, you’ve made $1000 from those sales… but you also had to stock and produce 100 items for those 100 people to buy. now, if you make a thing, and only 50 people buy it, but it cost them each $20 instead of ten? now you’ve made the SAME $100, AND you didn’t have to produce as much product, store, ship or stock that product. you got the same money, for significantly less effort. This is also why GW does not advertise at all. they want to control that demand so their supply doesn’t cost them more than it has to.

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