8 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. The above reasons are all fine and good reasons, however what motivates me to paint is simply getting the huge pule if models I already own finished and on the tabletop!

    I don’t have any system to how I choose what I will paint, but simply go with what ever muse compels me.

  2. All Great options on the poll, but when an event hit the local area…. Have to get off my ass and paint.
    I blame the tourney scene

    • Where’s the option for a particularly nice model. Sometimes I see one and the mood just strikes me to paint it. I then usually end up painting more models for the same army.

  3. You didn’t have an option to select “army list/concept” and so I picked fluff/fiction.

    However, I don’t necessarily subscribe to all of the cannon fiction, particularly the grim dark emo wrist-slitting masturbation kind. I’ve got to enjoy some part of the narrative to the army for me to have the motivation.

    I paint slowly, so being able to add units to an army collection is important as well. As a result, I collect a smaller range of armies but have more units for them.

    Painting for a tournament is the ultimate hobby killer- it feels too much like work. I resent being restrained by having to meet a schedule and paint to a list. Painting to an army concept or core list idea is much more enjoyable for me and is more rewarding in the long term.

    Apologies for posting on the poll.

  4. I paint my models to prove I’m the bigger man over my boyfriend. He started out wanting to paint Imperial Guard so I took Necrons just before the new codex came out. I now have half a 2000pt necron force, 2 firestorm armada starter fleets (terran, and sorylian), an entire battletech company, an infinity Ariadna starter box, an IG bastion and an IG manticore painted. He has completed a deathstrike, 3 ig guardsmen, partially painted 7 battletech minis and has a base coated firestorm armada starter fleet(relthoza).

    I’ve gone so far as to start buying airbrush equipment so I can do camo patterns and attempt OSL on things just to goad him a little more.

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