7 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. While it’s tempting to dismiss the change out of hand, I’m actually interested in seeing what GW manage to do with the two “new” publications. I’ll give it a few months, and if they do end up being trite and little more than long adverts for things you saw online weeks ago, then I’ll join in.

    I mean, c’mon, their stock just bombed harder than Dreadfleet; they need a little support right now.

  2. Yes, I believe so. We’re all in agreement that the previous format had shitty content for many years now. Can it really get worse? My hope is “no”. Then again, this is GW we are talking aboot…

  3. It’s difficult not to be angry at being treated like a cash-laden idiot by gw. Honestly imo the only hope they have of ever being good for the hobby again is if their competitors like mantic & spartan start to out-sell them and force them to get their act together. Honestly guys before you blow your next $100 dollars on a single gw box think about buying deadzone, you can get the whole game with 2 armies and scenery for a little more & it’s soooo good.

  4. As far as White Dwarf is concerned, it’s not like it could be worse. So who knows, maybe it’ll be an improvement.

    It’s off topic, but I agree with baffscruff about Deadzone. Best deal in wargaming at the moment, and a good game to boot.

  5. I voted no. I like the current print format. The primary reason I buy the magazine is not for the bogus battle reports, but to look at the wonderful paint work. Say what you will about the rest of the magazine, the paint jobs make it worth it, in my opinion. Digital be damned, I hate ones and zeros!


  6. I think its what GW does best take a good idea and not think it through and screw it up. No company produces a weekly magazine, cause the cost of production is to great and those costs are going to reflect in the overal costs of product.

  7. You never know it could be good, but I think the odds are similar to their YouTube channel becoming good, GW might luck out somehow. Brought the December issue of White Dwarf for a long train journey it kind of worked as I mostly looked just looked at the pictures although even some of them were not that well shot. When I got home and read it I found it bland. I guess I wish an independent professional magazine covered GW stuff properly.

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