9 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Full disclosure: I haven’t read the codex in depth yet. Therefore I’m only familiar with what Tyranids did not get in relation to the rumours, as opposed to what they did get in the book. However, I do feel like this is a flop of a codex. GW had an great opportunity to innovate and add some cool new mechanics with this release. Instead we get lackluster psychic powers, mostly pointless warlord traits, minor stat adjustments, and still NO GODDAMN TORRENT ON THE PYROVORE!!

    The question I asked myself is, will the army play differently from the previous book? With the 5th edition codex my monsterous creatures plodded across the field and got shot to hell while my swarms became fodder for fliers. The only difference with the 6th Ed codex is that I have fliers to shoot down other fliers (again, Hive Mind forbid we get torrent on the Crone). My monsterous creatures will still get shot to pieces, I have no invul saves worth mentioning, and now the spore pod is gone so deep striking options are limited.

    Again, these are inital impressions. I might feel better about it in a week. However, I’m suddenly extremely motivated to paint some Aquans…

  2. I don’t think Tyranids are the first failed codex of sixth…I think MOST if not all of them have failed. Any of them could be fine in isolation, but since they interact so poorly and unevenly with each other I think for the most part the codex releases are all failures.

  3. Officially I think the Inquisition is the FIRST failed codex, if you can call it that. Why it wasn’t a supplement, we may never know… HOWEVER!! While not the first, this is indeed the biggest flop from GW. I was really looking forward to this book and the next two, but now I don’t know. seems like GW peeked already. Still holding off on my full opinion till I read the dam thing myself. Hearing it referred to as Codex:Carnifex, still had me interested. HOWEVER!!! With that said, I took a gander at the GW site. Old Carnifex box goes for $53.75.. New Carnifex Brood box that gives you 2, $90.00 (saving you a whopping $17.50)… Carnifex Crusher Brood Apoc formation 1-click bundle, $161.25….. Really!? I get it’s just three of the old boxes (gotta get rid of them somehow) but come on! Who’s dumb enough to buy that?? Sorry for ranting a bit, but when you look back on all the rumors of what could have been, you really have to ask ‘what the fuck, GW?’ I get taking out shit that could possibly get them sued, like the pods, but it’s not like they were crazy, unreasonable rumors either… Take out what you need to, but that doesn’t mean do a half ass job with what’s left! Eh, feeling even better about buying all those new Terrans now.

  4. I’m seeing that everyone agrees it fails just disagreeing on that it’s the first fall. I’ll offer the irrationally hopeful answer. They ripped this down to bones because the supplements will add all our meat. Because sure they are gouging you for money like a pimp but at least we get a personalized to our play styles codexx.

    • Supplements add meat? Not as far as I’ve seen. From all of the ones I’ve read, they only really add one or two new things, at most. And often these are only small org tweaks and new relics/warlord traits.

      I doubt we’ll see anything substantial for the Tyranids, unless they shock and delight us with a Genestealer Cult book – though that might be better saved till the new IG codex is also available.

  5. The 6th ed trend seems to be GW releasing a new (monster/flyer) kit rather than fixing problems with existing units. I.e. Why fix non-TH&SS termies when you can release Centurions?

    The Nids needed a Dark Eldar-style complete overhaul to fix the Nids. It doesn’t sound like this is it…

    With the removal of units like spore mines, this is a big “fuck you” to all of the cottage industries that have been making models that GW can’t/won’t. Surely their goal with this book was to never have any of that Chapterhouse BS ever happen again.

  6. Your poll was badly worded. If you’d said ‘is this the worst codex of 6th Ed’ I think the result would have been unanimous. I’m not even angry about it anymore. First world problems, right? I’ve bought some nice looking models and I’ll play a few games with them. If they bring out an OP dataslate which “fixes” Nids then it may be the beginning of the end for me. There are much cheaper addictions out there which are also fun.

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