5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. 10hs +…..cuz You really feel like a man after you assurte your superior intelligence against 7 other dudes in a game of twilight imprium that takes all day to play…..

  2. I can only assume “idea” should read “ideal”. In which case two hours is, of course, the correct answer. Three hours is far too long for anything, as evidenced by Titanic/The Hobbit movies, dinner with parents, tours on the SS Minnow, and waiting for those paternity results to come in.

  3. I very much prefer a 2-3 hour game (for 40k), which doesn’t make it feel like it’s being played at a breakneck pace (like the 90 minute tournament format), but also doesn’t drag out too long and takes massive planning and scheduling too much in advance (the 8+ hour 6 person games I used to play as a teenager).

    For other games (like X-Wing Miniatures or skirmish-style games), sub-2 hour games are better, as it means we can do three to four games during a game day.

    3 hours for Fantasy, minimum (big games of Fantasy are better than smaller).

  4. depends on the game size – a 2 hour kill team would probably be a bit excessive and a 2 hour apocalypse game would be a little…. impossible; both game types are fun however the time scales appropriately. For a “normal” game (1500pts 40K, 2500pts WHFB, 35 SS malifaux) no more than 1.5 – 2.0 hours. I’m totally ADD & if a game turn / phase takes much longer than 10 minutes I start to lose focu….. Oooh! something shiny!

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