6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I was playing tournament games during 5th ed 40k, but I will only play casual games during 6th… The way they’re “balancing” stuff is just too weird.

    They’re just down with “oooh shiny” syndrome. Just keep adding broken stuff that might just make you buy models.

    So, i hate the new rules, but love the models, so i’m still gonna play 😀

  2. Casual games! How else could a fifth edition white scar player play. White scars rule! But bikes did not in fifth. In fact I only won one game in fifth. Against a recurring tau player.

    Ironically my other army was pre New codex necrons. So if I want to enjoy a game now I play casually with no intent on winning. It’s about the narrative

    • some bikes were good in 5th. Necron tomb blades were pretty decent & Dark Eldar Reavers were and are bloody fantastic!

      Of course the 30% price drop on power-armor toting bikes has certainly helped them out in 6th edition (C:CSM + C:SM)

  3. I played a lot of tournament games from 3rd-5th editions but as soon as I picked up playing Privateer Press games ( I know you guys hate their models and to be honest about 95% are shit) I realized that playing a game that isn’t designed to be played in a competitive environment it is just a colossal waste of time.

  4. I play far more casual games than I do tournament games. I’m a competitive individual so the nature of gaming appeals to me & if/when I participate in a tournament I play to win. However the desire to win is not what sends me to tournaments – it is the opportunity to play several games over a weekend that gets me going. Winning doesn’t mean shit if the games aren’t fun.

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