4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. You’re both wrong. It’s going to be Menstrual Prowess. If the WE player can get through the entire game not referencing the last book and how they deserve the new rules, they get +1 sportsmenship.

  2. Marksmen’s Prowess…. probably re-roll missed 1’s when shooting is my best guess.

    For the magical thing my best guess is “Isha’s blessing”, +1 to channel attempts.

  3. it will definitely be something to do with shooting, Marksmen’s prowess is probably right, it will also be limited to elves, since unlike high and dark, woodies can offset their crappy elf stats with higher toughness tree units.

    The magical thing will be the same as the other two books, +1 to cast lore of athel loren.

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