2 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Balanced sure, whatever you silly square basers want. If you are done spiking the football over how awesome your beloved Lizardmen are can we please get back to being Jaded for a few episodes? This nerdgasm has gone on long enough and I demand a return to more sensible programing.

    As a suggestion you can start with a verbal assault on the goat abortion that is the Centurian models recently leaked all over the internet for the upcoming Marine Codex.

    Tell Nathan that each new codex released brings him one step closer to the day when Matt Ward will slap down a new Tyranid codex for him – that will put a spring in his step.

    And just for you Lang:




    Coffee breaks over lads, back on your heads.

  2. I would appreciate a bit more jaded in my gamercast, but still enjoyed the ep.

    As far as the Centurion, if you think you hate it now, wait till you see the price…oh yeah, and the rules.

    I’m off to go search the couch cushions for change to put toward a stupid pre-order.

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