Episode 138: N’Sync Guys & Exercise Machines

This week Lange is joined by Kyle from Imaginary Wars Games and Hobbies to talk about the new Lizardmen armybook. THe model of the week has the most amazing perm of all the angels. The weekly listener poll results are brought into question. Much much scotch is had as we talk about movies and more. Enjoy!!

Model of the week!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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5 thoughts on “Episode 138: N’Sync Guys & Exercise Machines

  1. Wow. I’ve never heard an army review that was so far off the mark. You seriously think a second dispel scroll is bad BUT you like giving your units frenzy/race specific ability? Seriously? I know you guys occasionally provide a disclaimer that your podcast shouldn’t be taken seriously, but some of the stuff you guys said was just silly. Maybe you’re both fluff bunnies, maybe you have a really small WHFB gaming circle, or maybe you’ve confused the rules with firestorm armada. I recommend listening to podcasts – thedwellersbelow, thewatchtowerwfb, heelanhammer, west coast hammertime, etc… Thedwellersbelow just did a lizardmen review I thought was very good.

    On another note, the charisma is there, the content is thin. You had one episode I couldn’t finish because it was literally 2hrs of “fk this stupid shit. That shit is vagina and stupid too and this crap is super stupid too, it’s fkn dumb, they’re dumb, fk sht fk fk, etc..” NON STOP for for the 30-40min min I could listen to. That was a painful 30min, I kept waiting for the sun to come out… and it never did.

    I hope you have thick skin, this email is my opinion and only my opinion and I sent it because I want to be a fan, I just need credible content.

    • Ok, where to start…

      How about the magic items? Sure. The Cube of Darkness fails for a few reasons. Firstly, yes, it is a second dispel scroll that only works on a 2+ and removes RIP spells on a 2+ as well. The problem is that when you think about how you are going to fit that into your list you hit a few snags. The first of which is that if you’re playing against a list with no RIP’s it’s a worse dispel scroll for 5pts more, meaning that in most cases you will want the standard dispel scroll first. Also, IMO, the Channelling Staff for 15pts and Harmonic Convergence for 30pts is a better option on the Slann, meaning you’re going to be taking that and if you want a dispel scroll you will need to take a Skink. So as I stated above, you take the standard scroll first, you will need to buy a second skink for the Cube. It’s not worth it in my opinion since the extra dice from Harmonic will help deal with RIP’s in the magic phase more than once per game. With Becalming Cognition for 25 you get a reroll once per turn. I don’t see the point in taking the Cube.

      Now, the Skaven Pelt Banner…Anything in this list that gives models with Predatory Fighter additional attacks is great. Add in possible poison attacks on top of that from swarms and it’s golden. 65pts is a small price to pay for effectively giving Saurus an additional row of attacks that can potentially bring in more attacks when 6’s are rolled to hit. The Skaven bit is just a bonus when you are talking about providing way more attacks in a Horde than 6 more Saurus models will bring.

      Now, the nerd rage. Did you happen to miss the title of this show? We are both jaded gamers who do actually think much of this stuff is stupid. We cuss a lot and drink even more. Honestly, it’s hard to figure out if this show is your cup of tea… however, since you felt that what we do is important enough to post about on the internet about it, let me speak to this topic. Since you obviously listen to other podcasts you will know that each is different and each offers something different. I am happy to hear that you have found other casts to enjoy, but don’t expect what you hear on this show to change much because of your post.

      What we do is for us. That means what we do is not for everyone. Contrary to what you may think I actually do listen to a lot of those podcasts. Some because they provide dictionary-esque breakdowns of rules read aloud. Some because they mathhammer the shit out of every unit. Some because the hosts are just clever funny people who seem to be similar to me and my group. Some because they’re the opposite of my views and I enjoy hearing contrary opinions.

      What we don’t do is post bitchy opinions on their forums if we disagree or don’t like what we hear.

      If you want to talk more we can Skype or we can chat in person if you live in E-Town. Either way, Enjoy the show!

      • Op,

        Lange and Nathan may not be you’re cuppa tea BUT they havea great fan base fora reason.

        I listen to every episode and only currently play 40k for the banter above all else. I don’t listen to other podcasts, no need. I don’t always agree with the boys (the helldrake is immense boys but agreed a pain to paint) but that’s the joy of opinion.

        This is a community that now due to the interweb is international and that community has room for all different characters. What I love about war gaming is GENERALLY you get a great level of acceptance of all people. Trolling is far from cool fella.

        Lange, Nathan (Teri, Matt, Kyle etc) keep up the epic work

        Stu – JGCA

  2. First off – thanks for the response.

    It’s not that the cube is better than a dispel scroll (arguably it is – kill 2 birds with 1 stone), it’s the fact that you can take TWO dispel scrolls in an army, daemons can’t even take ONE. Dispel scrolls are extremely powerful because they can effectively shut down a magic phase – 7 v 4 dice, they throw 3 or 4, you dispel scroll and it’s now 4 v 4, or if someone 6 dices a spell hoping for IF, and doesn’t get IF, dispel scroll and their magic phase is over. You don’t have to save your scroll or make hard decisions… because you’ve got a second one. I’d take the cube over the channeling staff any day, and even a 65pt skink with the additional wildform+channel is a decent investment just to hold the cube if your slaan and first skink can’t.

    I think you guys are rating predatory fighter too highly: 6-wide is common, giving you 18 attacks, 3 of which are 6’s so you get 3 more chances to hit at WS3 and you still need to wound, AS, WS, etc. Even if you’re in horde formation with 40 attacks, you’re getting 7 attacks and on average 3.5 more hits. PF really doesn’t amount to much, it’s a paltry concession for being forced to pursue. Giving the unit frenzy gives you 6 more WS3 attacks and 1 more PFighter attack. Again, it’s just not that great, especially with the huge drawbacks that frenzy poses for units. High Elf players love dropping eagles in front of frenzied units to force them into bad spots. Your example with poison is starting to delve into what if XYZ scenario was in effect which undermines the analysis. I’ll admit I do enjoy list building and math hammer, but at the same time I like taking wacky, while still viable lists.

    Much like you guys do your podcast for yourselves, I wrote my “bitchy” post for myself, for 2 reasons, (1) I just thought you were wrong in your diagnosis and wanted to spark a discussion on the topic (success), and (2) I like listening to you guys, but sometimes the hate and negativity is too much for me to bare and I wanted to share my opinion.

    This post is now way too long. If you are interested in discussing lizardmen via skype let me know. If you’re planning some masterful vengeance for my impudence, I’ll pass. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • As we have discussed on the show at length a dispel scroll is probably one of the best ways to shut down a magic phase for one turn. After that you are back to hoping for good dice to keep you away from getting rolled over. I don’t deny that taking one is the way to go in many lists, however in this case I do think that you UNDER value the potential of Predatory Fighter. I get the maths on a normal sized unit of 6 wide and horde, as I play both, and can tell you that an additional 3-5 hits can make or break them. Add in things like banners and magic to buff that unit, swarms and support units, and this can be a devastating ability. Yes, it’s XYZ, but that is the game I like to play and am successful with. The frenzy is a worry and always will be, however it is a risk I am willing to take on certain units so long as I don’t deploy like a moron 😉

      Really what I am seeing here is two different gaming ideologies. While I tend to favor aggressive exploitation of abilities you instead favor reliable sure bets. Be sure to listen to my tactical breakdown next episode 😉

      As for my grand revenge? Nah, come on bro. It’s the internet for fucks sake. Worst you get from me if I think you’re wrong but still level headed is this…


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