4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I can’t even keep up with all the ridiculous combos that can be created with the existing codexs and the allies matrix. Now I am supposed to pay money to go to an event where some basement dweller can show up with some obscure and under-costed unit that I have never heard of, that triggers some sort of game breaking combo that was never intended, from some book that costs an additional $70 bucks?

    Sorry, my gaming time and my gaming money are both too finite to waste on an event where units are allowed that aren’t even play tested or points costed appropriately.

  2. If i could use the Red Scorpion character rules for the models i have (from IA 9) maybe, but probably wouldn’t rent a hotel room for it. i’m already having issues dealing with the ‘leagal’ flyers & army alliy combos as it is let alone goofy FW creations.

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