3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. The production of this entire debacle only confirms my belief that the collective intelligence level of the 40k community is continuing its march towards zero. Why anyone would plop down money for big gay Al’s big gay earth mover is beyond me. The Space Marine characters are silly, completely overdone rip offs of Forge World armor with enough bits a bobbles attached to make a 70’s pimp blush.

    No doubt they will sell a metric ass ton of this garbage to every neck beard in the northern hemisphere who will play it once and then shelf it until next years festival of fertility under the vernal equinox as Tiburon plays a catchy tune on the skin flute of insemination.

    One of these days GW will jump the shark, sadly I don’t think its this day. Well played GW, well played indeed.

  2. Sadly, none of the above wasn’t an available option in the poll. I have no plans to purchase any of this useless Apoc nonsense. Keep it coming with the new Codices.

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