Episode 125: As long as 100, half as shitty…

This week Lange and Nathan review the new High Elves armybook for WarHammer Fantasy and lets just say it’s a long one!! How will the new tactics change the way that existing High Elf players view their armies? Were we correct in thinking that ASF would be tossed by the wayside? Listen and find out which model we utterly hate in this model of the week. Also, the dramas that surround the internet and the wargaming community regarding blogs being taken down and the ever expanding list of crazy lawsuits from the owner of Battlefoam. ALSO!!! Don’t forget to take a look at the IndyGoGo funding campaign currently in progress for the “The Love of War” documentary!!!

Model of the Week!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

Direct Download the podcast here!

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