Weekly Listener Poll

“Do you think that Games Workshop is trying to sell their IP by increasing their sales either artificially or legitimately?”

One thought on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. It really does look like they’re trying to “cook” their books for a big sale of the company, pushing new products out, smashing online competition out of their way and cutting costs (closing stores, reducing opening hours etc). Expect the annual price increase to come in June alongside something big, probably Codex : SpaceEveryonehasanarmyofus. This will give them a big number spush for the first half of the year, with expected income in the second half of the year being high do to the price increase, second hobbit movie, christmas gifts and whatever other releases they’ll throw out. Any company who are interested in the market couldn’t help but be interested in investing in the company, they’d easily make their money back and a healthy profit in 10 years

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