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Originally posted by Jarrett Lee in 3 separate posts.

A Break from Dark Angels for Chaos

 Hey gang- sorry for slow rate of updates – I’ve been a bit depressed lately (candidly) which has lead to me sitting down at the painting table, looking at it, and doing nothing. I mostly just focus on work and playing League of Legends lately. Sitting at a desk so much my shoulder has been hurting (bad ergonomics maybe). Sad state of affairs. I have 5 Dark Angel Deathwing Knights in progress but stalled on them a bit. I do think I’ll get back to them though, the models are so good.

That said, today I decided to tear into one of the new Chaos releases – the plastic Chaos Lord. In my opinion this is one of the coolest models in the release, along with Throgg who I also bought (and have primed). At first I didn’t feel like I could get this guy started, but today I just pushed through the inertia and got some paint on him. Still work to do of course – the cape hasn’t been touched other than a base coat of Necron Abyss. Face and horns are just base coated as well. The armor is looking a bit flat to me as well so i need to look at maybe adding back some shading to the red areas.

Reminds me a bit of the demon from Legend

Finished Chaos Lord

Finished this guy up tonight. I’m reasonably happy with the final results – his face could use more definition and I could certainly stand to dust/clean my photo backdrop 🙂  Definitely a nice miniature to paint, I enjoyed it and may try another one at some point.

Chaos Lord

Chaos Lord – Revised [UPDATE]

 UPDATE: The Chaos Lord will be on ebay starting this evening (7 PST)
(His back isn’t this shiny in person)

Hey all – so I wasn’t totally satisfied with the final outcome of the Chaos Lord paint job, and as a result I decided to go back and add some contrast and highlights. Mainly I added a bit of highlighting to the gold and to the face. It’s subtle changes, but still an improvement I feel.  Is anyone still reading, by the way? 🙂

Now even fancier

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