Episode 118: Soul Grinders x3

This week Lange and Nathan take time to talk about the new Daemons of Chaos codex for WarHammer 40k! How much has this book changed and does this army now stand a chance in competative play? Which God wins out and can you run a multi-god list without shooting yourself in the foot? Also, we chat about the listen poll and how a week of list building can change someones mind. Listen and enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

Direct Download the podcast here!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 118: Soul Grinders x3

  1. You guys should really look into reading the codex before you talk about it.

    you can take 1 greater daemon and 4 heralds

    • We actually were both aware of this when we did the podcast. Though it may have seemed like I was saying that you CAN’T take a Greater Daemon or a Daemon Prince as the other HQ choice, this was not the case. What I did say was that there really wasn’t that much point in also taking them considering that they can’t take Loci and only have a 5+ invuln now.

      So sorry to have wasted your time by not being perfectly clear or correct in each detail of what we said during the podcast.

      • actually, what you said is that it’s still 2 for 1 like the last codex (45:17)

        but that’s ok, i’m used you guys saying things dogmatically when you’re wrong, for some reason i decided to post that and be snarky rather than polite.

        my apologies for upsetting you

    • U mad bro?

      Actually what I was referring to, which was somehting I was told earlier in the day at my local GW, was that the 4 for 1 HQ choice for Heralds was a 0-1 choice. This was news to me but considering that I had only read the book once a week ago I went along with it. When we got into the show I said this and I think that kinda threw Nathan off before he agreed that it was a 4 per HQ and not 2 like in the old book.

      So yea, clearly after the podcast ended and the first person who noticed it tappd me on the shoulder we could see that it was different from what it seemed like we were saying. When I later go on to say that the Greater Daemons and Princes are not worth taking, it is with this in mind.

      • yup, this is why i never post on in the internet

        i’ve been listening since like episode 10 and this is the first time i have ever posted something.

        next time i’m listening to you while i’m on my computer i’ll wait until after it’s over to post something, if i do

        sorry about this

        feel free to delete my posts (i sure do sound whiney, sorry about that too)

      • LOL no worries man, Honestly I am at fault here since you were the 12th person to give me shit for this mistake so far today and I assumed you were just another interwebs troll. But other than that Nathan and I clearly appreciate a bit of shit talking from time to time, so don’t feel the need to apologize. When I went back to listen to the clip it was pretty hard to NOT understand what was said the same way you and everyone else did today.

        Now I just have to try to recall that shit I took in a cardboard box and mailed to Atlanta in the hopes of it arriving at your door… though I doubt USPS will ever let that past customs… so your probably good…


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