Beautiful Soldiers

I will not deny that I have said some rather inflammatory things regarding Sanguinius, his various mutations, failings, comical personality, and absolutely laughable Chapter of rage monkeys. However, with that said, I will not deny that when it comes to iconic figures whose mere presence inspires those around him that ‘The Angel’ stands above all others. It’s not a surprise really… I mean… look at the guy.


That shit’s crazy.

The word that comes to mind when I look at a picture like that is “singular”. One of a kind. In a Galaxy of war this one character stands out above even the Emperor himself. Now before you go declaring me a heretic for saying something like that, just think about it. The guy has wings where the Emperor does not, both had sparkly halos, and both have fairly awesome armor that is second to none. So in terms of score… it’s 3-2 in favor of The Angel.

Just let that sink in for a moment. Look at the picture again. Now explain to me how that image holds the same level of awesome grandeur when you start looking at every single marine character like this?


Now don’t get me wrong. This model is excellent in almost every way and came to our attention without much negativity. Take a closer look at the model HERE on CMON.

The problem is that he’s too pretty. Too fancy. Too many wings… I mean shit, by the scale I set before you this guy MUST be at least twice as awesome as fucking Emperor of Mankind, right? Really, what does this model bring to mind? What does it make you feel? For me it’s simply too much for just a normal Joe Space Marine. I mean, I get the motivation to make a character that stands out. I even understand that maybe this chapter got it’s geneseed from the Blood Angels and just accidentally mixed in a little Lady Gaga. There are 100 different ways that this could be mixed in with the fluff of the game in order to justify a model like this. But is this really what you think about when someone says the words “Space Marines”?

process_serving copy

Well, that is to say, before Games Workshop begins suing people for thinking of the term “Space Marine” in any way they do not approve. Your brains are so fickle and infringey….

When I think of Space marines in think of something like this.


Note the subtle difference there? That’s right, only the babies have wings instead of 1 in every 20 marines standing out like an Eldar Dire Avenger on a Raider with Wyches. A little bit of flair is fine, but how long before you start looking like this guy?


The problem isn’t just that players, modellers, and painters are doing this on their own for personal reasons.  I won’t even get into the stupidity of putting a PAIR of wings of a model like that. The real problem here is that ole Games Workshop has been promoting it with each new release of their Space Marines. The Fetish gets bigger and bigger with each release, not to mention that a fetish we didn’t even know was there will crop up out of nowhere.

Take the Ultramarines for instance. It used to be just Blue, Yellow, and Red with the odd horseshoe banner or scroll of Parchment. Now, a chapter who created the Codex Space Marines and is supposed to be adhering to its teachings apparently can’t cum without the help of Golden Eagles adorning every last empty space on their armor.

I will leave by saying that this is fine. It does not need constant improvement. It’s gritty and wonderous…


And it’s more of a Space Marine than that Quadra-Wingalingy-Abomination will ever be.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Soldiers

  1. I like that the painter made the model so exceptionally shiny and glowy and with so many superbly smooth colour transitions and yet STILL painted the armour to be all chipped up. Someone needs to fire that marine’s squire!

    I think the motivation behind so much of this style of painting is due to GW’s stressing how these are more superheroes than they are army men. I remember waaay back, when players would make sure to put down all the proper markings in all the proper spots …and maybe paint campaign badges on marine legs (etc). It seems now, players are less concerned making their marines look like they’re an organised fighting force and more concerned with making them look suitably “epic” and painted similarly enough to visually tie the force together on the gaming table. How many people make a point to paint the rims of the pauldrons (knee pads / helmets / etc …all depends on the Chapter’s uniform) the appropriate company colour?

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