Jaded Gamercation!!

As many of you have probably heard… it is very likely that the 6th Edition of WarHammer 40K is going to be released on the 30th of this month. This poses an odd sort of problem for us here at Jaded Gamercast as we really would like to avoid simply filling airtime with chatter about what-ifs and speculation. Considering that Firestorm Armada is also on the horizion and that WarHammer Fantasy will also likely see a delay in new releases… frankly… there isn’t much to talk about.

Needless to say, we are very excited about what will happen on the WarHammer 40K landscape in the months to come. This means that you as listeners can expect Jaded Gamercast to return with a BANG after 6th Edition has been released. However, in the meantime we will be taking a short break. For the next two weeks we will not be doing a podcast and will be taking a little vacation. We will still be around and will be chatting on the Facebook group about every new development, so don’t tune out completely just yet!!

If there is anything that you’d like to hear us talk about on the return episodes, questions about the new edition, topics that you would like to add your own input on… well, you know how to get a hold of us.

Stay tuned!!

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