Episode 41: Pity Fuck

This week I am joined by Teri to talk about this months White Dwarf and how it’s mostly not a piece of shit! AMAZING!! Is the first half of the new Sisters of Battle Codex worth the time that was spent on it? We discuss target priority in this weeks higher learning and Teri has a stupidity check that baffles the mind!! Listen and find out!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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5 thoughts on “Episode 41: Pity Fuck

  1. Just listened to the SoB segment and have some slight comments to make as some of the things you said are wrong.

    Acts of Faith
    I would say that you would always test on 4+ for your faith test as if the AoF was worth doing you would put a VSS in that unit. In the old codex you had to have a VSS in a squad for it to be able to use an AoF and when she died that unit could no longer use AoFs as normal units did not have the Faithful special rule but the VSS did.
    Unless you want an Eviscerator or similar you will have to take a VSS which lowers the test to 4+ and if killed the test is still 4+ as the unit has suffered a casualty.
    So if the Act is worth doing you will have a VSS in the squad, units you dont care about doing the AoF with will only be used if you have spare faith points you can’t spend on anything else.

    It seems you didn’t spend too much time reading the unit entries so here are some pointers.

    BS3 and S4 compared to BS1 and S5 in the GK book, most likely a printing mistake as they have no shooting attacks.

    Sisters Repentia
    They now also have FNP which is a billion times better than the old 4+ save as they can now take FNP saves vs Ap 3-6 plus the 6++.
    They also have 2A base so they have more attacks than before.
    Their AoF is a small band aid as they will still get annihilated in CC but you will still have at least a 50% chance to get it off as you will most likely have to take a Mistress with the unit.

    Penitent Engines
    Received some HUGE upgrades.
    Now has 2 heavy flamers instead of the twin-linked one in the old dex.
    Battle Frenzy is huge, D6+1 attacks means you get 3-8 attacks on the charge with a theoretical max of 16 if you hit and wound with all attacks (which will never happen but I digress). As far as I know only the Blood Angels dread with blood talons can get more attacks than this as it can generate attacks indefinitely.
    Unstoppable Rampage is still completely useless as if you take this thing you will most likely have it in a squadron which means they get the same rule anyway. If it’s solo it can basically only ignore Stunned as any pen will get a minimum of Stunned as it’s open topped and AV11 isn’t exactly difficult to pen.
    If it’s more than 50pts it will be overcosted as it’s literally the exact same thing as an open topped killa-kan.

    Celestian Squads
    The most bitching right now is about them as they lost 1I down to I3 but gained +1A, their AoF is completely useless as well as T3 with fearless being literal suicide. Then again maybe you want the unit to die in your opponents assault phase? Maybe the AoF is designed so that they die so you get to shoot your opponent in your turn…

    Seraphim Squads
    These got boned pretty badly, lost 1 Initiative and didn’t gain any other stats (you can shove that 6++ up your ass). They will however be nice if you can kit them out with lots of flamer and inferno pistols as they should also count as seraphim pistols meaning you get to shoot them twice.

    Lost the ability to move 12″ and still fire the heavy flamer and lost the 1 firing point.
    Same thing as a Razorback, let’s hope they can take side sponson weapons.

    The Special Characters are pretty decent I guess though it almost feels like you are forced to take Jacobus if you want to rely on your AoF.

    Celestine is allot better though, could be really nasty if you manage to get her up after getting killed, at least vs anything that isn’t MEQ.

    All in all I’m disappointed with the new Acts of Faith, the units seem allot better but there are still things to be desired. The wargear and points costs will make or break this army.
    I’ve mentioned this on a few blogs and forums but here are the points costs I’m expecting
    Battle Sister : 8pt
    Celestian, Dominion and Retributor : 10pts
    Seraphim and Sisters Repentia : 12pts
    Penitent Engine : 50pts max

    Unless they can take a silly amount of special weapons for cheap this will be the only saving grace. 2 Battle Sisters for the same price as a single Space Marine seems pretty fair to me as they are allot easier to kill from both shooting and assault.

    Looking forwards to the next show, perhaps we will have the points costs by then.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot about this. If I remember correctly something like this was said “Show me where it says the Sisters are more pious than the GKs” and then some ramblings about how much more Pious the GKS are.

    Here is an email I sent a while ago.

    Grey Knight codex p.15: 876.M61 The Bloodtide Returns. This bit of fluff has caused us Sisters of Battle players to rage to no end and from a fluff point of view it’s atrocious because it’s proof that the Sisters of Battle are more pure and incorruptible than the Grey Knights and that the GKs can actually be corrupted with the only reason that it hasn’t happened is based on sheer luck than them being the most pure and incorruptible beings the Imperium of man can provide.

    “On the morning of the ninth day, Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Ebon Chalice assault the basilica. SOME Battle Sisters are corrupted on contact with the Bloodtide. Those who endure fight valiantly, but most are slaughtered by the Bloodletters atop the basilica walls. It is only when the Grey Knights’ 4th Brotherhood arrives on Van Horne that the Bloodtide is abated.

    Needing a talisman of purity TO PROTECT AGAINST THE BLOODTIDE’S TAINT, the Grey Knights’ first act is to turn their blades upon the surviving Sisters of Battle. THE INNOCENT BLOOD THUS SPILLED IS THEN MIXED WITH BLESSED OILS AND USED TO ANOINT THE Grey Knights’ ARMOUR AND WEAPONS. So shielded, the Grey Knigts are able to stride trough the goreflood WITHOUT RISK OF CORRUPTION, and they smash their way into the basilica’s heart. A trio of Librarians lead the attack, enunciating the cants of cleansing that REPEL THE BLOODTIDE WHEREVER THEY TREAD. In the end, Ka’jagga’nath’s is ONLY DEFEATED THROUGH THE SELFLESS SACRIFICE OF Ordan, Champion of the 4th Brotherhood.”

    I’ve highlighted some points of interest.
    First of “SOME” Battle Sisters are corrupted, not all but some are.
    When the GKs arrive they need a talisman to protect them against the bloodtide?! Why? If the GKs are the most incorruptible warriors in the Imperium of man why would they need to a talisman against something regular Battle Sisters can resist? Sisters who have no training or equipment to fight the forces of Chaos?!
    “…anoint the GKs armour and weapons.” Wait wait wait, so they cover themselves in the blood of innocents? What’s the difference between them doing this and worshippers of Khorne doing the same and shouting “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!”? So if you mix some blessed oils into it it suddenly becomes a good thing and not heretical at all?
    “…without risk of corruption” So if there was a “risk of corruption” to start with isn’t this proof that the GKs can be corrupted? Yet the GK codex keeps on pointing out how pure and selfless the GKs are and that no GK has ever fallen to Chaos.
    “…repel the bloodtide wherever they tread.” So if their cants could repel the bloodtide wherever they tread what did they need the blessed blood sacrifice for? In case a GK slipped and fell on the bloodtide before it had been repelled? Because if a GK touches the stuff he might become corrupted…
    “..only defeated through the selfless sacrifice of Ordan” So if the daemon was “only” defeated through Ordans selfless sacrifice then why where the sisters slaughtered for their blood? Shouldn’t it have read that “the daemon could only be defeated through the slaughter of the Sisters of Battle to get their blood of innocents and then having a literal bloodbath in it to then defeat the daemon through Ordans sacrifice” but I guess that doesn’t make the Grey Space Marines heroic enough…

    So from this bit of fluff we have proof that GKs can be corrupted, that regular Battle Sisters (one of the most basic of Sisters with no training what so ever to fight the forces of Chaos) can resist the taint of Chaos from a bloodtide better than GKs (who go through a harsh training regime in which only 1 in a million survives, is mind wiped to have no desires or flaws, get the best gear and training the Imperium of man can provide).
    So basically the Sisters of Battle are the most pure and incorruptible warriors the Imperium of man can provide, heck if regular Battle Sisters can resist the taint that could corrupt a GK then how strong wouldn’t the more higher ranked Sisters be? Celestians and Seraphim are amongst the purest and best the Sisters of Battle can provide so they would be near incorruptible.
    Give the Sisters some anti daemon weapons and watch the daemons flee in front of them…

  3. just wanted to mention that the entire sisters army is available though the Gw website…as it appears that none know that:) -Jon Kingsway.

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