Episode 36: Comp-trolling

This week Lange and Nathan attend the Out of the Basement 2011 tournament! It was a five game tournament spread out over two days. We both played Fantasy and even had a chance to talk to Steve, one of the tournament organizers about why they chose the type of scoring system they did. Soft scores are the topic of the day!! Listen and enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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5 thoughts on “Episode 36: Comp-trolling

  1. I found it interesting (in 40K) in that they used a heavy composition score to try and ensure everyone was having fun friendly games. Yet when it came to best presentation and the pub quiz they chose to exclude people. Everyone should of been able to pull out their display bases and armies and let each person themselves pick their favourite looking army.

    • Pub quiz didn’t exclude anyone… unless they didn’t come to the pub.

      As for the armies, there is no perfect way to vote on armies. If you just have every army set up on the gaming tables, it’s too easy to miss some of the good ones. And (in some rare cases) you end up with some shenanigans whereby an army with nothing special in terms of theme/paint/conversions ends up winning on votes.

      Nominating a spread of armies based on the above criteria (ie. picking some armies for paint, some for conversions and some just because of a cool theme) is an attempt to mitigate many of these problems. Yes, it sucks when your army isn’t nominated, but it’s nothing personal — just an attempt to ensure that many of the most deserving armies have an equal chance of being noticed by the voters.

      Thanks to everyone who came to play, I hope you all had fun. And if you have any good feedback for OOTB, please do get in touch with the club and share your thoughts so the weekend can be even better next time.

      • It looks like your response mostly boils down to, ‘Well, that’s your own fault for missing it, and how we judged armies was good enough, so suck it. By the way, we are looking for good feedback please.’ rather than, ‘Your comment is noted, and as a participant it is extremely valid. Can we discuss with you further what went wrong and how we can fix it?’

        I think I know who this was, and I know he put a heap of work into painting and displaying his army, proudly showing it at a local story a few days beforehand. If not him, then it is simply someone with the exact same story. After the tournament, in which he was extremely excited to participate, he was really unhappy with how the judging took place, and he confirmed that many people along with him somehow got that message that if you didn’t accomplish some sort of secondary objective, that you couldn’t come to the pub quiz. He didn’t come back for day 2. This was one of those casual hobbyists that the event was supposed to cater directly to: there for a good time and not caring about winning, just eager to participate. A number of people seemed to have walked away from this with the idea that it was put on simply for the benefit of members of the club, which is really unfortunate.

        I really hope that your comment is simply online trolling (an admirable pursuit) and not representative of the club’s attitude.

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