Blood for the Blood God!

Alright, as mentioned here I am working on a Daemons of Chaos army. For the army I need a Herald of Khorne to go with my Bloodletters. As the only Herald model GW makes is Skulltaker (going to be riding a Juggernaught in 3K), I needed an alternative model to represent a generic Herald with Armour of Khorne. I thought I would be able to make one easily enough from bitz in the Bloodletters box but there simply aren’t any. Instead I intend to cop out and buy this.

Forge World. Helping inept modelers for years!

So why am I posting a whole blog article on me shelling out money for Forge World? Because I have absolutely no use for the (cool) Demon Prince. Forge World doesn’t sell them separately. So what’s a jaded gamer to do with a whole Demon Prince he doesn’t need? Give it away, that’s what.

I am going to give away the Forge World Demon Prince of Khorne. To do so, I am going to run a contest. Here’s the skinny:

I am going to place the order with Forge World on March 14 at 9PM MST. I am going to opt for standard shipping. The contest is open until it arrives in the mail (4 – 6 weeks). Once I have it in my hands, I am going to do a random draw of all the entries received between now and then.

How do you enter the contest? Two ways.

  1. In honour of the Blood God, donate Blood to your local Blood Bank. Send me an email with proof (date, location and time it took to donate the full amount).
  2. In case people have already donated Blood recently, or don’t qualify for whatever reason (damn my love of tattoos), make a donation of at least $25 to the Red Cross to assist in relief for the Earthquake in Japan. Prove it by forwarding me your receipt.

You can enter as many times as you want and each entry improves your chances to win. All entries should be sent to

Blood for the Blood God!


As per Jaded Gamer Cast Episode 20, Lange will be throwing in $60 in GW gift certificates or the box of GW product of your choice up to a maximum of $60 (for those of you without a Games Workshop handy).

3 thoughts on “Blood for the Blood God!

  1. Absolutely brilliant idea. I’m not up for a blood donation for another 2 weeks, but I’ll certainly put in then. I’ll be donating platelets to the Red Cross later this week, would that count?

  2. Hey, this is the COOLEST CONTEST EVER. Blood for the Blood God! I did want to point out something in terms of the Red Cross –
    a good friend of mine who does disaster relief work recently posted these two things to Facebook:

    “Witnessing the devastation in Japan of the earthquake and tsunami brings with it not only shock and horror and a sense of helplessness. It also motivates millions of people to try to “do something” with a sense of urgency. Please REconsider the knee jerk reaction of a quick text message to the Red Cross or any other big NGO, even if it’s an easy way to feel good about giving.”, with this link:

    and this:

    “more wisdom reaffirming why i think it’s important to wait to give to Japan, and a couple options if you DO want to give now.” with this link:

    Perhaps the organizations mentioned in the second article could also qualify, or be recommended instead? Just some ideas! 🙂

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