Episode 12: Wraithboners

We podcast live from Las Vegas where Nathan and our two guest hosts Teri & Nick discuss the highs and lows of the Throne of Skulls tournament. Stunties get the love they deserve. We find out how oddly uncomfortable winning a trophy can really be. Spelling is optional for tournament organizers… apparently. Failed stupidity check!!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

PICS of Teri stroking the Wraithboner!

Direct Download the podcast here!

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9 thoughts on “Episode 12: Wraithboners

  1. sportsmanship is for ass-holes! and I didn’t “throw” dice into the hallway, I was giving free dice out the willing public, ask any one who was there!. I have no regrets. Besides the fact that I had to play the last two turns with only 4 dice.

  2. Welcome to Sportsday, as put on by Games Workshop. On Terri’s point on comp I think this type of scoring actually encourages players to be the biggest douches possible within their codex. I know the filth that can come out my book, and since I’m really only competing with people playing the same book, why wouldn’t I take the hardest possible list?

  3. I hope for the next one they supply a codex and rulebook too. Hell they should just fucking supply me with the models they don’t have to be painted anyway so who gives a flying fuck how well they are assembled and the time spent on them. Welcome to hero clicks and D&D where your shit looks half retarded because a machine controlled by a friggin monkey painted it for you! I love the direction this is going. We should just go play so friggin risk

      • the monkey isn’t retarded… your shit is. haha u got retarded poopie. Yes is spelled it that way. i got no shame on it. i dunno vegas or no i am just scared people are going to stop bring all the stuff they need to play. i mean its already a pain in the butt everytime i game having to lend people people my templates and scatters. maybe i should just politely say “sorry i was decent enough to bring the stuff i need to play the game i expect that from the people i play as well.”

        Haha i think i am jaded.

  4. I don’t think it will ever get that far. Honestly it’s just the same typical bad gamer attitude that a lot of players just don’t give two shits about. Accidentally forgot your templates? It happens to the best of it. But the guy who never brings them and is always using his opponents… thats what annoys me. I have seem two of those guys face off at a tournament where they had to lean over to the table beside them and borrow the templates from the neihboring table. Templates, dice, rules, army lists… sometimes yer lucky if they remember to bring all their models. 😛

    • I see that all the time. Like you said once in awhile in a friendly atomsphere i don’t care but if that happened in a tourney i’d say no u may not use my stuff. I don’t care if i get zero bombed. He is getting a zero to for no sportmenship.

    • lol on that note i have seen people forgot there models. many times. they’ll bring the case with only there infantry and completely forget to bring there tank box. i have seen times where they forgot there Troops or core entirely. good times.

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