Episode 10: Jaded Swingercast

Listen as we are joined by Nathans wife Teri and hear just how tightly she has a hold on his balls. (Queue sound of a whip cracking) We talk about the perceived flaws in WarHammer 40k regarding Kill Points, Objectives, and the dreaded Wound allocation rules. Teri and I have a game of 40K mid way through the podcast and return to talk about how it went. Please GOD don’t let me loose to a girl who plays Tau…

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]


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12 thoughts on “Episode 10: Jaded Swingercast

  1. all I can say is it seemed like Teri was about to punch you in the face at least once. Also I believe kill points are great in that they require the exact opposite kind of army as objectives forcing a balanced approached.

    I would say Teri’s hatred of fantasy is a little unfounded, for example Skaven are something quite unique to fantasy (The only mention i can think of to a rat race are the nezumi from legend of the five rings I think, but culturally are entirely different)as seems to be the empire (being mostly the holy roman empire in the 40 years war is seemingly quite strange given the high fantasy style of the rest of the world) in as much I will agree that I find the Elves are generic and bland, Beastmen are relatively unique (I’m drawing a blank on another setting that has goat men, only remembering that in the third monster manual for D&D 3.5 had a mention of a similar creature called an Ixibian) especially as a major race complete with subspecies and allied races. And I know it will draw Dire scowling and hatred but were very unique, you have to remember that warhammer orcs are more than twenty five years old, and while it seems now that they are knock offs, other than tolken orcs (which both at first glance and when viewed in detail, are a lot different) warhammer orcs are what many (if not most) modern ideas of orcs are ripped off from.

    Finally to scowl at the idea of chaos dwarfs, yes they had incredibly stupid hats and terrible models, but if the hell cannon crew are an indication of what we can expect, it wold seem the worst of the funny hats are gone, and I myself am excited for an army based on eastern culture, (being based on what would seem to be Assyrian and Persian cultures) not to mention I think the ability to make deamon bound machines lends them to have very cool very nice looking monsters and models.

    • Adam: 1) you take things too seriously.
      2) Beastmen look nothing like satyrs or centaurs of classical mythology. Not at all.
      3) you take things too seriously.


      • good point on the beastmen, the satyr relationship was something that passed my mind

        wait if I’m too serious, should I not post at all?

        Also on an aside, what does a winking smiley mean? I mean I know what it should mean, but i have to say I don’t think nay has ever winked at me in real life, it just seems like its an expression that just is never used anymore, seemingly its meaning is only half known through what different forms of media tell us.

      • The winky face is my impression of Sarah Palin. Or it could be that the semicolon is a superior punctuation mark and I can’t get enough of it.

      • Semicolons are pretty awesome, I might even say they are better than boxes, but never boxes on stairs

  2. Dildo hats and flaming bull things are what made 3rd and 4th edition warhammer fun! Not to mention pink horrors turning into two blue horrors!

    And for all you that say dark elves are “unimaginative” <–finger quotes, read the history and the fluff thankyouverymuch. Epic story lines. Love, loss, betrayal, everything that makes a good story!

    I'll agree that there name isn't original but its not actually there name. Druchii! its like saying space marines are unoriginal. We nerds all know they are astartes! common!

    Hell all of 40k is unoriginal then because every race traces its roots to fantasy in some fashion except maybe tau. but they are communist pigs anyway and hey we won the cold war so fuck them. We all remember squats don't we? yay! the only other race that might seem original is needs but ripley killed em first so sorry.

    Druchii own!


  3. the thing I miss the most about the white dwarf isn’t really the extra hobby info (which is missed), the genuine battle reports that DON’T involve a newly released army, the speculative hobby ideas (like an article in an old issue about an orc tribe from Lustria), the thing i always pine for first is the Letters to The Hukish section.

    you know little things like that that made it a gaming magazine and not as you put it a “catalogue”.

  4. Well I love the podcasts they are hilliarious…except possibly when everyone is yelling at once. I feel for nathan the poor kid just wanting mom and dad to stop fighting ;). Moving along I have this much to say about the argument that was occuring shortly after the game played Don’t hate the player hate the game. Hahhahahahha. Koodos to lange for winning with the gorgeous old ork army I am having trouble with mine

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